Christmas Magic.

You remember it from your childhood.

It was an enchanted feeling that you couldn’t quite describe, but it had something to do with the music and the fragrances and the excitement you absorbed from the adults around you, who were bustling around decorating the house and shopping for gifts and planning parties. The mystery of making a list for Santa and wondering exactly how Santa did it all and if he could really see you when you were sleeping. The glorious anticipation of the one day that really holds too much weight all by itself.

Even then, you may have somehow known that the anticipation was 99% of the fun. At my home, my sister and I would decorate the calendar page with stickers in the box marked December 25th, but we would write in “the best day of the year” on December 24th. The last day of imagining and wondering and hoping, and the most delicious excitement compared to any other day.

And so you have come here, remembering that feeling and wondering if it can still be reawakened. If only it could be Christmas (or maybe Christmas Eve) every day! We sometimes say, but that’s not what we really want, and we know that too. We just don’t have the words to say what we really mean.

But I know what you mean, and I assure you it is possible to feel something like Christmas magic every single day.


The first step is understanding that delicious anticipation of something (anything) is a big chunk of the magic. Therefore, you will find that here at CM365 there is a lot to look forward to, and so much to celebrate.


Second, here at CM365 we adopt the philosophy that it is fun to give. Psychologists know that giving is not only “fun”, it is helpful in boosting our own moods, satisfaction, and has even been linked to longer life spans. Giving provides at least as many benefits to the giver as to the recipient.

Daily prompts

With those ideas in mind, CM365 offers readers daily prompts. Each day something to read or taste or look forward to. Ideas to ponder, crafts to make, and random acts of kindness to bestow upon friends or neighbors or complete strangers.

And it’s not red and green and Christmas every day here, although we truly love that holiday!

But no, the focus here is on that magical feeling, which can be applied to spring vacations and summer barbecues and first days of school and all the un-named days in between. Christmas looks different throughout the 365-day season.

There is still a lot of Christmas to be had. And it doesn’t come too early. We hear those trite complaints every year. Although I might offer you one fun challenge…the next time you see the Christmas display go up in your department store in the middle of October, stop and watch a minute. There will inevitably be the folks who loudly express their disapproval, but there are also shoppers whose faces quietly light up, and they slow down their shopping carts, and they slowly look at every single detail of those Christmas displays, with eyes shining.

One person is allowing herself to be oppressed by the commercial intent of it all, and one person is open to wonder, even in the middle of October. Which one of those people are you? And which one would you rather be?

Take a look at the Daily Prompts page. I’m sure you will love it. If you like what you see and you want the prompts emailed to you every day, you can opt-in below or at the bottom the Daily Prompts page.