This week some of our prompts are inspired by decluttering efforts that are so easy to get into this time of year.

Decluttering is not particularly magical or Christmasy all by itself, but we will reward ourselves with festive treats and we will repurpose old things into new lovely things. always being able to turn the chore into a purposeful step toward some bigger end to which we look forward.

There’s not really anything I need to give you a ‘head’s up’ about this week with regard to your shopping list.

So instead I will leave you with a small kindness to think about.

You never know whose day you will brighten with a sincere smile. Therefore, today your good deed is to sincerely smile at as many people as you can. This may simply mean taking the high road while you are in isolation with your own family.

Have a great week.

(Image credit: Eleanor Campbell, illustration from “We Work and Play”.)

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