This week we begin a new month and a new calendar quarter. Dividing the year in this fashion helps us to feel that “new year” feeling more than once annually. This is an especially fun quarter for fresh starts because we can’t help but feel new when spring is visually reminding us of beginnings. 

If you have any ribbon or silk flowers in your craft stash, they will come in handy this week. Also be looking around your closet for any hats that will work as an “Easter bonnet.”


When you’re making your grocery list, know that later this week I’ll be sharing a vintage recipe for a cake. If you want to make the cake from scratch, you will need to have some cake flour and 6 eggs on hand, as well as the typical baking ingredients.

The homemade frosting will require having some powdered sugar and green food coloring.

If you don’t care to make the cake and frosting from scratch, then you’ll want a white cake mix, white frosting, and the green food coloring. It’s the green food coloring that’s the star element in this cake…just wait til you see the image.

Don’t forget April Fools Day! I will have some family friendly ideas in the April 1 post, but if you’ve got some ideas of your own, better get started on those!

Have a great week.

(Image credit: TanteTati )

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