If you live in a neighborhood that still does trick-or-treating: be that epic house that gives out full-size candy bars.

In my neighborhood this can sometimes be possible because we get very few visitors. So, I realize that if you are in the type of neighborhood that gets hundreds of costumed visitors, this is probably not in the budget. If that’s your situation, then instead of full-size candy bars, you might still go for the real chocolate bars (still better than the cheapest candy, you know what I mean), or try these glow bracelets where you can get a pack of 100 for $14. (affiliate link)

As a final thought, if your home is full of tiny plastic “one-time use” toys that kids tend to love for 5 minutes and then forget about, you might gather up all those barely-touched toys and give those away as Halloween treats. My kids get these at birthday parties, arcades, school carnivals, and in Happy Meals. As soon as they seem bored of the toy I take it and put it in a box. I don’t throw the toy out, just in case my kid asks for it again. In all the years I’ve been doing this, it has never happened. Not once. So the box is perfect for Halloween giveaways.

Halloween is 2 weeks away, so figure out your plan and prepare now. Of course, once the word gets out that your house is epic, you’ll get a lot more trick-or-treaters!

(Image credit: monkeybusiness)

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