candy dish with the lid off

This candy dish is currently our dining table centerpiece decoration. It was very fun to make and super easy! This decoration would work for any holiday or every day fun. Doesn’t it look like a gumball machine?

You need:

  • a flower pot and the tray that comes with the flower pot. The flower pot I used has a 2.5-inch base.
  • a glass bowl with a flat base that is the same size as your flower pot base. At my local craft store they called it a “bubble ball”. The base for this one was also close to 2.5 inches.
  • a wooden bead to use as a handle
  • tempera paint or acrylic paint in any color you like. My daughter chose red so that this could more easily convert to a Christmas decoration later.
  • hot glue
  • candy that looks pretty in the bowl

Assembly is very easy. Turn the flower pot and the tray upside down and paint them. For a terra cotta pot, you may need to do more than one coat of paint.

Paint the wooden bead (or whatever you’re using as a handle).

When the paint is dry, use hot glue to glue the handle to the flower pot tray that is now the lid to your bowl. Set the lid aside.

Put hot glue around the base of the flower pot (the narrow end) and set the glass bowl on top to glue in place.

Fill the bowl with candy and put the lid on top. Enjoy!

(Image credit: my own photos)

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