Today I’m sharing a method for making small tissue paper flowers, that’s so easy even a child can do it. My evidence for this is that I showed my 8 year old daughter how to do it and she then proceeded to make about 20 of them all by herself.

I am making red ones and my goal is to make enough to glue onto a foam wreath form, for a Christmas wreath. They will be mostly red flowers, but I’m going to put in some green tissue as well to represent leaves and make it traditional red and green Christmas colors.

You might choose to do spring colors for a wreath like this:

Or glue onto a headband:

Or do orange ones and save up for your Dia de Muertos decor:

They are not time-consuming to make, but if you only have a few minutes each day, this could be a nice project to work on slowly before the year-end holidays come up. Especially if your project needs a whole lot of flowers.

See my pictures below, and my notes follow. This method is good for smaller flowers. Mine are about 2.5 inches across.

Tutorial for tissue paper flowers

For my circles, I traced around the bottom of a drinking glass, so they are about 2.5 inches across. They don’t have to be perfect circles. Do not worry about cutting them anywhere close to perfect. I used regular tissue paper that is sold alongside gift wrap. I also tried a thick crepe paper product called Petal Paper. Petal Paper is crepe paper like crepe paper birthday streamers, but it’s a lot thicker than birthday streamers. In the photo at the very top of the page (photo of 3 flowers), the top flower was made with crepe paper (Petal Paper). You can see the outcome was not much different from regular tissue paper. My daughter said she did not like working with the Petal Paper and preferred tissue paper.

Stack your circles – I liked stacks of 10. Staple the center. Then one at a time, pick up the circles and kind of squish the paper around that center staple. Repeat with each circle. There’s not really a shortcut, it’s best to do each circle one at a time.

I really liked the outcome and the ease of this method. I like that my kids can do it and they don’t get frustrated with the paper tearing. Also they don’t have to worry about cutting a perfect petal shape.

There is another method for making tissue paper flowers involving folding tissue paper or crepe paper accordion-style, tying the center, cutting each end into a petal shape, and then pulling each layer out from the fold one by one. This method works better if you want larger flowers…I guess…because I tried that other method and the paper always tore. It was frustrating.

I hope you like these easy tissue paper flowers and that you will tell me what you are making! My daughter took the red ones we made so far and hot glued them to a foam wreath. She said it was a Valentines Day wreath but she doesn’t know my plan to turn it into a Christmas wreath…

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