Hello, February!

Today, February 2, is a lesser known holiday called Candlemas. In some cultures, Candlemas marks the last day of the Christmas season. In the Christian church, Candlemas is a day to bless candles that are to be used throughout the year. You can read more about Candlemas here. Then have your own observance in your home by decorating with lots of candles, or by celebrating in one of the many other ways they do around the world – eating crepes or pancakes, lighting lanterns, singing songs, giving sweets, and dancing.

This week most of the prompts are about celebrating and crafting with hearts. Do not worry if you do not care for Valentine’s Day. It can just be a heart-shaped Christmas week. Or you can easily change the prompts so they are just fun activities that do not have hearts.

On Friday we are making easy heart-shaped bread “pretzels” using pre-made breadstick or pizza dough. Unless you prefer to make your dough from scratch, and if you do, bless your heart. So you will need breadstick dough or pizza crust dough (such as Pillsbury brand). Also red food coloring and parmesan cheese.

On Saturday, we are making a cute decoration that resembles a gumball machine. You will need some candy that looks pretty. If you have leftover Christmas candy such as starlight mints or ribbon candy, that is perfect. Or Valentine conversation hearts could be cute. Also you will need small flowerpots with trays, paint, and glass bowls. So look around your pantry and craft supplies to see what you already have. Also save those craft store coupons as you see them. I’ll show you more on Saturday.

Have a great week!

(Image credit: Gerhard Gellinger )

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