Today’s prompt is for a big project, but look. how. stunning. this tree is. And this is totally do-able – the full tutorial is here on the A Beautiful Mess site. This tree is so ideal for the month of May, if you like to do a year-round tree.

If you happen to have an all-white faux tree already, you could get started on this right away. White Christmas trees are currently available on Amazon (affiliate link) in a wide range of prices. It looks like most of them are 6 or 7 feet tall though, which I think is pretty big for a summer Christmas tree. This 4-foot version looks like something I would use in my own home.

The basic idea is to get some silk flowers and wire them onto the tree. The artist did them as if it was a big floral garland, but you could also place them all over the tree as well. And of course if huge pink flowers aren’t your thing, you could get whatever colors and styles you like.

If you love this idea, start watching for coupons for your craft store, so you can get the floral stems at a good price.

I am so excited to re-create this tree!

(Image credit: Laura Gummerman/ABM)

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