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Make your holiday music playlists or stations. There are so many types of Christmas music! Carols, oldies like Bing Crosby, pop music like Mariah Carey, guitar or piano solos, big band style, orchestras, country and western, jazz style like Ella Fitzgerald, and Christian music, are just a few of the Christmas genres.

Go into Spotify or Pandora and make or bookmark different playlists or stations for your different moods.

I have one I call “Peaceful Christmas” which is mostly slow songs. I like to listen to this one when I’m feeling that I need relaxation. I switch to a more upbeat, dance playlist when I’m wrapping gifts or baking.

Another option is to put a Christmas radio app on your phone. There are a couple apps I have tested on iOS and they are also available for Android devices. Both of the ones I tested were called Christmas Radio, and although they are nearly identical I ended up preferring the one that looks like this:

The app is free and shows on-screen ads in a banner at the top or bottom, but it allows you to upgrade for 99 cents to remove the on-screen ads. As I write this, it has 80 online radio stations to choose from. These are actual radio stations, so even if you pause your music, you’re not really pausing it any more than you can pause a live radio station. Note that SOME of the radio stations do play ads, so an upgrade of 99 cents isn’t going to remove those. The paid app only removes on-screen ads. However, not all of the radio stations play ads. For example, try My North Pole Radio for uninterrupted music.

If you try the app shown above and find it to be buggy or not streaming well on your device, the other one I tested is similar and looks like this:

It is also free, with ad banners.  But in this one I could not find a paid version to remove the ads, which is unfortunate because they did show me one ad that I did not feel was family-friendly. They also have a station called North Pole Radio that is uninterrupted. So if you don’t mind risking some very questionable ads, you might find this one works better for you. As I write this, the app has 28 stations. Reviewers say the app works year-round.

Have fun!

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