Since I grew up in Southern California, I love to get up at 8am and curl up in my pajamas and watch the New Year’s Day Rose Parade in Pasadena. As a child, I was aware that this parade was televised at least nationwide, if not globally. Our local TV stations all showed the parade, so it didn’t matter which channel you tuned to – the parade was on. Later when I moved to another state, I was surprised that the Rose Parade was only shown on one channel. The idea! And most people in my area didn’t watch it or really understand what it was. Now, thanks to live stream, it is possible to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade live on your mobile device or even some streaming channels.

Here are 3 ways to watch the parade.

  • In the States, it will be broadcast on ABC, NBC, the Hallmark Channel, RFD TV, and Univision. Check your ABC/NBC listings to see if it will air in your area. Each of these channels will have their own camera setup, so if the parade airs on more than one channel you will want to see which one has the best view. I think typically ABC cameras have the best view.
  • You can livestream the parade via They will start at 6am (Pacific time) New Years Day, with pre-parade prep. The actual parade starts at 8am.
  • YouTube will also livestream the parade. Bookmark the Tournament of Roses channel on YouTube now so you can tune in easily on New Year’s Day. This is the option I’m probably going to use myself.

I’m looking forward to it!

(Image credit: robert1598)

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