As the third week of January begins, my family has finalized our #20 for 2020 goals. We changed out our Christmas decorations for snowflake decorations, but the family says it looks too sparse and so we are working to make our family room more festive once again. My daughter requested a January cake that she called “hot chocolate cake” because she thought that would be very appropriate for celebrating winter. It was a boxed devils food cake mix with chocolate frosting, and decorated with mini marshmallows. There are many recipes for scratch-made “hot chocolate cake”, typically with hot cocoa mix as an ingredient. But we opted for something easy, and it was great!

For Christmas, we bought a $20 Roku device so we could get Disney+. I was very delighted that 2 of the first 3 movies that we watched on Disney+ had Christmas scenes. The new live-action Lady and the Tramp opens with a lovely Christmas scene. And the 1960 version of Swiss Family Robinson has a Christmas scene at the 1:17 mark. You get to see their island Christmas tree with lit candles (!) on the branches (photo above). In other scenes it appears that they crafted their own creche/Nativity:

still from 1960 Swiss Family Robinson film showing boy with toy crossbow standing next to Nativity scene

And we can see that they wrapped Christmas gifts in huge leaves:

still from 1960 Swiss Family Robinson film showing Christmas gifts wrapped in huge green leaves

I’m excited to see what other Christmas surprises can be found in the classic movies that we haven’t seen in a long time.

This week at CM365 we are continuing to focus on planning the year ahead. Except for Saturday when I will share a craft of pillows or drawer sachets. You can use dried pine needles from your tree or wreath if you saved some. Otherwise you can use traditional pillow stuffing and essential oils for fragrance. These are no-sew sachets, so you will also need a clothes iron and fusible webbing, OR… just look around for those little tiny mesh drawstring bags that often come with jewelry or children’s toys. You can easily upcycle these into drawer sachets. These will be fun ways to keep Christmas or to start on gifts for this year.

Have a great week!

(Image credit: Walt Disney Productions,

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