Prepare for May 1 May Day, a holiday basically never observed in the United States but that is so lovely it really needs to be revived.

First, I encourage you to read this history of holiday as told by NPR. Basically, the idea is that in the 19th century and early 20th century, people would gather flowers from their gardens at the end of April, and hang them in small baskets on the doorknobs of their friends and neighbors. They might add candy as well. Oh, and the baskets were hung in secret, the night before, or perhaps early in the morning, and then the giver would sneak away.

Decide which of your neighbors might be the recipients of your lovely paper baskets and flowers.

To make the traditional paper cone, you just need a square piece of paper and a ribbon. You can use plain printer paper that you have cut to a square, origami paper, or scrapbook paper. You can leave the edges straight, or cut a scalloped edge either freehand or with scallop scissors.

If you are using plain paper, you could color a design on it if you like, or just leave it plain. Roll the paper into a cone shape and secure with tape or a glue stick. Punch 2 holes and tie a ribbon on to make a doorknob hanger.

Fill with candy or flowers. The flowers could be real, or paper. If you use real flowers, wrap the cut stems in a wet paper towel and then cover with plastic wrap or a plastic sandwich bag secured with a rubber band. This way your paper cone won’t get wet.

This tutorial for making the paper cone has some nice photos to guide you step by step.

(Image credit: Create Whimsy)

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