Welcome to the third week of May. We are getting closer to summer weather!

Since our public libraries are still closed, my family has been enjoying the Little Free Libraries that we have in town. Little Free Library is such a fun concept. We both donate books and take books whenever we stop by. We have discovered some great new books this way! You can click the link to see if there are any in your area. With more than 100,000 built, there’s probably one near you. I just live in a small town and there are 8 in my zip code. From the home page, click on Maps, then click the radio button for zip code and key in your zip code to search.

This week I have 2 recipes for you that both require an unusual ingredient: citric acid. This is an ingredient commonly used in bath fizzies, and it’s also a food ingredient used to add a sour or tangy element to the food’s flavor. We will be using it both ways – in bath bombs and also to make a homemade tangy candy that is similar to Starbursts.

Both of these items are ideal to make to add to your Christmas gift stockpile, or you can enjoy them right away.

I tell you this now, so you can go ahead and order the citric acid right away if you want to make the recipes as soon as they are posted later this week. The link is to Amazon (affiliate link) or you can also find it in some craft stores or home brew shops.

For the bath fizzies, you will also need small amounts of baking soda, cornstarch, Epsom salt, coconut oil, and fragrance oil or essential oil.

Or, if you do have all those items on hand but you want to participate in this craft, you could also get one of the many bath fizzie kits that are readily available at craft stores or on Amazon here (affiliate link).

For the candy, in addition to the citric acid, you will need light-colored corn syrup (Karo syrup), and lemon extract or some other fruit-flavored extract.

The rest of the week’s prompts don’t require any advance planning on your part.

Have a great week!

(Image credit: Little Free Library)

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