Invoke a “no-screen day” once a week in your home. For your kids, and yourself as well.

One day a week there is to be no TV, no video games, no tablets, no computer screens, no phones.

It may be difficult at first, but stick to it. I promise you will love the results. There isn’t enough room in one blog post for me to explain the science behind the results of a regular no-screen day. And I am sure you have already of heard of this or even have an idea of the importance. But let me just say that science shows that allowing the brain to become “bored” once in a while is healthy and beneficial.

You know how it is said that we always get great ideas while in the shower? That’s because it’s the one time you’re not on your phone. Your screens, with the constant feed, never allow your brain to have unique thoughts. It’s frightening, when you think about it.

I have had no-screen day every Saturday in my home for several years. My kids, though they claim to dislike no-screen day, actually love it and invoke it upon themselves even when I have forgotten what day it is. They play make-believe games, board games, do puzzles, read books, kick the ball outside. It is delightfully magical and it is my favorite day of the week.

The benefits are much much greater than I have outlined here, and I strongly encourage you to do this.

If you or your family practice a religion that observes a Sabbath, you might tie this in with your Sabbath day. Understand that it is difficult to really rejuvenate on your Sabbath day if you are not allowing your mind to reflect on the purpose of that Sabbath.

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