Take a day to plan out your calendar for the year, as much as you can. This may not feel very Christmas-y, but you are giving yourself the gift of time and lower stress. Schedule everything you can think of. 

  • Birthdays, anniversaries, other celebrations
  • Important school dates
  • Regular hair cuts, annual doctor visits, dental cleanings every 6 months
  • Oil changes for your vehicles
  • Annual home maintenance such as chimney inspections, HVAC maintenance and air duct cleaning, reminders to change your furnace filter, water pitcher filter, stovetop vent filter.
  • Set up automatic refills for prescriptions – even better if you can arrange for mail order delivery.
  • Schedule the fun things as well. Summer campouts, vacations, road trips.

Once you’ve gotten everything penciled onto the calendar, make all the appointments and reservations that you possibly can do now. Party reservations, doctor appointments, and especially reserving those summer camp sites because they go quickly!

You will feel such a sense of relief and accomplishment when all the phone calls have been made for the year and all the reminders have been scheduled.

You can use any calendar app or an app like Todoist to schedule reminders. Or just write them in whatever paper calendar you use.

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