Plan your summer herb garden. You will want herbs for cooking, and drying for teas and Christmas gifts. Order your seeds and get them started indoors now.

I like to grow rosemary, thyme, basil, and mint. In past years, I have grown all 4 of these in separate pots. Sometimes they survive the winter, sometimes they don’t. They did not survive this past winter, so I’m starting fresh this year. I am using this type of planter that hangs on the ledge outside my kitchen door. I got the planters last year at the end of summer clearance at my local big box store. According to Mother Earth news, I can grow the rosemary and thyme in the same pot, but basil and mint each need their own.

I use a lot of mint because I put it in lemonade in the summer. But this year if I have leftover mint I will dry it for tea for gifts.

I don’t normally have any leftover basil because I use it in Italian dishes. But sometimes I do can my own pasta sauce, and the basil could go in that too, for gifts.

Based on how my rosemary and thyme plants have done in past years, they will go nuts and I will also have plenty to dry for herbal gifts.

Lavender also is fun to grow and makes a nice gift, but it attracts bees like crazy, so make sure to account for that when you choose a growing spot. 

If you have never grown herbs before, just choose one that you like and give it a try!

(Image credit: andreaobzerova)

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