If you were lucky enough to receive some old-fashioned paper Christmas cards, then you might really like this quick craft to upcycle those cards into refrigerator magnets. I love this craft and I find excuses to do it all the time. Photo cards can be upcycled as well, but I usually get better images from the paper cards.

You will need:

  • Christmas cards with small images or patterns that you can cut out. You might be tempted to use wrapping paper but it doesn’t work as well as thicker cardstock. I have tried that.
  • Clear “cabochon” round tiles like these (affiliate link). You can get these in the vase filler section at the dollar store, but those are very small and not always crystal clear. I have done those too, and found that I preferred to purchase the ones that are perfectly clear and a little over 1-inch in size.
  • Scissors or a round paper punch (affiliate link) that matches the size of your glass cabochons. I have used scissors and I ended up preferring the paper punch for the nice neat edges. But, my paper punch works better on cardstock and is not so great on paper. So if you want to try wrapping paper you might be better off with scissors.
  • White glue that dries clear
  • Parchment paper or something to cover your workspace so you don’t get glue everywhere
  • small magnets like these (affiliate link). I don’t think magnet tape would work well, in case you are wondering.
  • Hot glue to put on the magnets

Here is an affiliate link where you can get the glass tiles and magnets together in one package.

Get your glass tile and put it over images on your Christmas card until you find something you like. Either use your punch to cut out the image, or use a pencil to trace around the glass and then cut out your image with scissors.

Put your image on your parchment paper, face up. Put a whole lot of white glue on the flat side of your tile. Press the tile, glue-side down, onto your image. Press down so the glue goes edge to edge. Basically you are covering your entire image with glue and while it is wet, you won’t be able to see your image and it looks a mess. Flip your tile over to rest on the dome side, on a clean part of your parchment, so that the gluey side can dry. I leave mine to dry overnight.

When it is all dry, the glue dries clear and your image is now showing beautifully through the glass. If you change your mind and don’t like your image, just soak your glass tile in some water until the paper and glue can be washed away. This is helpful if you have little ones who make art that is somewhat crazy or who insist on gluing their images on backward because they can’t handle the idea of covering their picture with glue.

Use hot glue to put on the magnets. Then you are all set. If you used a thin paper instead of cardstock, you might find that the magnets do not last forever, i.e. eventually the magnet will tear the paper if people are rough with the magnet. When that happens, just soak the glass tile in water so you can clean it and reuse it in another project.

Back of finished magnets look like this.

back of refrigerator magnets


Have fun with this easy craft! Save some for yourself and some for Christmas gifts later.

(Image credit: my own photo)

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