Yesterday I made pizzas and an apple pie for Pi Day. I also stood at my kitchen calendar with some white-out tape and erased at least a dozen events from our calendar. Cancelled due to quarantine or social distancing mandates. We are cheerfully doing our part because we understand that scientists say that social distancing is the only thing that will slow the spread of coronavirus. Some cancelled events were disappointing to my kids, like a birthday party, the local swimming pool, and next month’s city Easter egg hunt. But if this giant experiment is successful, then this is all just temporary. The birthday party was only postponed. Someday soon we all will be together.

The version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” from¬†Meet Me in St. Louis is very melancholy, as it was written for the plot of that movie. The lyrics were changed for later recordings to make the song more upbeat. And though I am not encouraging feeling melancholy, I thought I would share the scene anyway. If you would like to avoid the melancholy version, then skip the video. I do not know of another recording of the song that keeps the original lyric of “someday soon we all will be together.”

Now, what to do while the family is all at home?

Remember the paracord bracelets I posted about a couple days ago? Well, guess what? Operation Gratitude just announced today that they are having a contest to see who can make the most paracord bracelets. The contest officially starts on March 17th and ends March 29th. Click here to register for the contest. What perfect timing!

Some people have been financially affected by the quarantine. If you can, see if you can help them a little bit. Many conferences and conventions were cancelled. The vendors who planned to work at those conventions would probably really appreciate if you made an online purchase from them. Were any of those conventions near you? Or you might be able to tip your server a little more generously if you see that the coffee shop has fewer patrons. Think of ways you might be able to help a little.

Or, if you just want to hibernate, if you have Disney+, you can now watch Frozen 2. They released the digital version 3 months early to help lift our spirits right now. And did you know you can still get Christmas pjs on Amazon? I just had these (affiliate link) delivered today!

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and have fun this week!

(Image credit: Warner Archive)

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