Fill your home with a spring fragrance.

You can accomplish this with candles, essential oil diffusers, or stovetop/slow cooker simmering potpourri.

To make spring fragrance seem different from a fall fragrance, we steer away from spices like cinnamon and clove, but instead add ginger or green herbs like rosemary or bay.

Spring scent recipes almost invariably contain citrus. Since orange citrus is something I diffuse in winter, and lemon citrus reminds me of cleaning products, I tend toward grapefruit fragrance for spring.

You can also diffuse geranium or other floral fragrance, but a little goes a long way.

If you use a diffuser, try making your own blends from any of the following. Typically you would diffuse anywhere from 5-12 drops (total), but it depends on your diffuser.

Choose from: grapefruit, lemon, orange, lavender, geranium, bergamot, lime, ylang ylang, lemongrass, Melissa, tangerine. If you are suffering from spring allergies you might like to add peppermint or eucalyptus to the blend.

Most of these are easy to find, even in the grocery store or department store. Melissa oil is on the expensive side, so I just added it to the list in case you already have some on hand.

I really like grapefruit fragrance so I tend to diffuse about 6 drops of that one all by itself.

Other blends you might try: 2 drops geranium, 4 drops orange, 2 drops lemon.

Or: 2 drops eucalyptus, 3 drops lime, 2 drops lemon.

If you do not have a diffuser or essential oils on hand, try a stovetop simmer blend (you can also use a slow cooker on the low setting).

Slice some citrus fruit and simmer with some raw ginger slices, or green herbs like mint or rosemary.

To do this, you’ll add your cut fruit and herbs to a large pot and cover with water. I like to do at least 4 cups of water because I tend to forget about my simmering potpourri and then all the water cooks out before I remember it when the fruit burns in the pan. Another reason you may want to use a slow cooker.

Recipes I like: Sliced grapefruit or lime, with mint leaves. Ginger slices optional. This is also a good way to use the older citrus that you can sometimes find in the bargain bin at the grocery store.

You can simmer this all day, but do add water from time to time. And if you do not burn it in the pan by mistake you can save the fruit and herbs in a jar in the refrigerator and simmer them again tomorrow.

I would love to hear what your favorite spring fragrance blends are. Please post in the comments.

(Image credit: Monfocus)

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