Easter Sunday is one month away! Start planning the most elaborate Victorian Easter egg hunt. (Not an affiliate link.) Or just a small Easter egg hunt. I just find that it helps if you plan it in advance.

Last year I did an egg hunt with clues. Some of my clues rhymed, but most didn’t. If you look on Pinterest you will find lots of rhyming clues, but I found that most did not work for my house. Either the clues referred to a floor plan that didn’t match mine, or furniture we don’t have, etc, so I finally made my own.

I put candy inside the plastic eggs and then taped the paper clue to the outside of the egg. Marking your clues on the outside of the egg will make it easier for YOU, the hider of the eggs. If you put the clues on the inside of the eggs you will immediately confuse yourself. This will make sense when you set up your hunt.

I have 2 kids and each one had a different hunt with different set of clues. Each hunt finally led to an Easter basket and stuffed animal bunny that was in the car. My kids thought this was the best thing I ever did, and it was really so simple. To set up the hunt, just hide the items in reverse order. Set aside the egg that is marked with clue #1. That one will not be hidden, you will just hand that to the child or leave it where she can easily find it.

If you want some ideas, here are the clues I used. Instructions to set up the hunt are after the clues below.

  • Your first clue is in a boot.
  • Look in the place where you get clean.
  • Look inside things that rhyme with “kittens”.
  • Finish this rhyme for your next clue. You’re a detective, that’s for certain. Look behind your bedroom _____________.
  • Look in the place that keeps things cold.
  • Where do you lay your head to sleep?
  • Your next clue is in a music box.
  • Check the place where you keep things for your hair.
  • This is the place that washes the dishes.
  • Think hard, use your head, now look under your sister’s bed.
  • The next clue got wet and needed a towel.
  • Look where mom sits when she is working.
  • Quiet as a mouse, try exploring your dollhouse.
  • Your next clue is where you sit to watch TV.
  • Look inside of a shoe.
  • Your next clue is near the black and white keys.
  • The next clue is in a place that can get very hot, and sometimes you will find a pot.
  • You’ve been searching hard, but before you relax, look in the place where we keep the snacks.
  • For your last clue you’ll head outside, and look in the place where you take a ride.


Start by hiding the very last thing the child will find, and hide that. In my example, that was the Easter basket in the car. Then pick up your plastic egg that is marked with the clue that leads to the car. Hide that egg in one of the places you have designated in advance as a hiding place. So I might choose the farthest place from the car, which is my kitchen. I have a clue “This is the place that washes the dishes,” which could be the kitchen sink or the dishwasher. So I will take the egg that has the car clue, and I will hide it in the dishwasher. Then I will pick up my egg that is marked with the dishwasher clue, and hide that one in one of my pre-designated places, and so on. Using this method, I don’t have to plan a route in advance and I don’t have to keep my pre-made eggs in a certain order, I just kind of make it up as I go.

With Easter Sunday a month away, you easily have time to plan a fun hunt! And it doesn’t take a month to plan, I just wanted to plant the seed in your mind now…

(Image credit: Landon Shaw )

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