I was reading a vintage magazine from 1939 and there was an article suggesting that in order to ‘save’ the Christmas tree forever, that one could collect all the pine needles and use the needles as stuffing for a throw pillow. It sounded both cute and prickly, but made me think of drawer sachets instead, since some sachets look like tiny pillows.

There are dozens of ways to make drawer sachets. I love that there are many easy ways to make these and they are so easy that anyone could do it. You need:

  • Something fragrant (perfume, essential oil, fragrance oil, dried flowers, dried pine needles, dried herbs, whole or ground spices such as allspice or cloves, scented wax pellets, etc.)
  • If your fragrance is liquid, then you need something 3-dimensional to put the fragrance on (cotton batting, cotton balls, any of the 3-dimensional things listed above)
  • Something fabric to wrap around the fragrant filling (a fabric bag, a sock, fabric squares)
  • Something to keep the fabric closed if it isn’t self-closing (string, ribbon, yarn, fusible webbing)

I’m deliberately trying to keep this open-ended so you can visualize any sachet that you can fashion right now from things you already own. And if you saved pine needles from your Christmas tree (on purpose or accidentally because they are still on the floor) you can absolutely make a cute little memento of your tree now.

In my case, I chose to go the absolute easiest route possible and I took a tiny mesh bag from one of my kids’ junk drawers. I think it came with some costume jewelry or an old wedding favor or something. I also took some batting/stuffing from a kids as well, leftover from one of her sewing kits. I have lots and lots of perfume oils that I use in crafting. I ended up choosing to go with the one pictured in the center, called “Fresh Cotton”. I am putting this sachet in a wooden clothes drawer that does, in fact, get musty and could have used a drawer sachet a long time ago. If I haven’t worn the clothes in a while, they come out of the drawer smelling woody, and I would rather that they smell like laundry.

I kind of wish I had some pine needles to spare, because I think at least my more sentimental child would get a kick out of it. But this year we had a faux tree, so, no pine needles. I guess I could have gathered some from my front yard, but on second thought, no thank you.

I made a second sachet by wrapping a fabric square around whole cloves and tying it with a piece of yarn. I put that one in my pajama drawer.

This was just a fun craft that took about 5 minutes and made me think of all the possibilities. I’m going to make a whole bunch for gift basket fillers, stocking stuffers, and gift tie-ons. 

(Image credit:my own photo)

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