Woven heart baskets are customarily a Danish Christmas ornament, but they are easily used year-round, and especially ideal for Valentines Day.

They look very impressive, but are easy to make, even for a child. It takes more time to explain the process than it does to actually make one. All you need is paper and scissors. To best show off the weave, you’ll want two different colors of paper or a fabric such as felt. You can also use wrapping paper for a cool effect, but since wrapping paper can be very thin, practice on thicker paper first.

The best way to learn the weave is to watch this video. I viewed a whole bunch of tutorials and videos and found this one to be the best at explaining. The instructor is teaching children in this video. She also seems to be using rusty, dull scissors, which I don’t recommend, but that’s my only criticism.

You can easily fashion your own pattern, but I’ve attached one here that you can download and print if you want to.

When you are done with your basket you can add a handle of paper or ribbon if you like.

These can hold candy, gift cards, stickers, love notes, or just hang as decorations. If you are not sure what to do with them, make some anyway and hang onto to them for tomorrow’s random act of kindness prompt.

(Image credit: Pamela Smader)

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